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Spotlight Worksheet

Spotlight Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to ensure you have all the details necessary to successfully share about your ministry during your spotlight presentation.

The Spotlight is a 3-4 minute presentation that One Love Ministries does after our celebration announcements and before our sermon. This is a time where One Love spotlights a ministry that our congregation can support. Spotlights can include both images and videos and include an individual speaking on the microphone to our live audience. All spotlights should end with a clear call to action such as “Visit (URL) to sign up today!”

E-News: We will often share the spotlights we have via our direct email channel the week after the spotlight. The URL you provide above (if applicable) will be used to direct people to find out more information about your ministry.

Timing: Please provide all graphics and videos to three weeks prior to your spotlight.

Script: We suggest you be sure to include not just the “what” but the “why” people should get involved in your ministry. Consider having a leave behind or something people who are interested can take home.

Questions: If you have any questions on this form, please email or call our Media Coordinator Tuesday — Friday at 808-955-9335.

Spotlight Worksheet for External Ministries

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