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Mission Fiji

“I first began living in a Fijian village in 2013; where elements of a 2,000 year old way of life, culture, and language were still alive and practiced.

The dialect in this village had no literature so I began to learn it through emersion. They taught me how to spearfish, we cooked our food on the fire, slept on the floor, and had no idea about weather alerts until a storm was ripping through the community. We were living in the present and living together.

Sometimes the sources of clean water went dry. Sickness and infection happened, and I experienced the struggle of not having access to basic medicine.

The beauty, struggle, friendship, and rawness of this experience inspired created a profound bond and our commitment to serve these amazing people became Mission Fiji. We invite you to be a part of this global family.”

– Founder Seth Coleman

A Grass Roots Non-profit
Mission Fiji is a grass roots, 501 (c)(3) non profit, committed to serving Native Fijian communities, by empowering and co-creating new opportunities that will lead to thriving and healthy villages for generations.

What We Believe
First, we come to the islands as learners. There is so much beauty, generosity, and simplicity to learn from these amazing people. Honor and respect for the Fijian culture and way of life will always be at the foundation of our actions. Then with love as our guide, and listening as our first priority, we will strive to empower native men and women with new opportunities that will help their people and meet their needs.