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Greater Europe Mission

Sven and Jazz Becker are partners with Greater Europe Mission and live in a small town about 50 km east of Cologne with their three kids. Jazz served as the Internal Communications Manager from 2018 to 2022. In 2023, she switched to the role of writer and copy editor. Sven works with ZAM “Zentralafrika-Mission” (Central Africa Mission), a German missions organization that distributes Emmaus Bible courses mainly to French-speaking African countries but is active in over 45 countries around the world. His main job is working on the Emmaus Bible Courses app. Through the app, as of April 2023, more than 7000 people study the Bible monthly in over 188 countries, and there are over 164,000 finished courses since the app’s debut in October 2017. 
They love the local church they attend, where they’re involved with men’s, women’s and youth ministries. Although they work in Germany, their work helps make an impact for Christ around the world! You can support them using this giving link.

Greater Europe Mission exists to relationally connect and reach the unbelieving and uncommitted across Europe. Its goal is to grow and deepen them in their faith through intentional discipleship and empower and send them out to impact their world for Jesus Christ.

Mission: Reach Europe by multiplying disciples and growing Christ’s Church

Vision: God expanding His Kingdom through all peoples of Europe to the world



Transformation: GEM workers minister to others out of their own transformation

Passion: GEM workers are passionate about seeing the lost saved, and disciples multiplied

Humility: GEM workers strive to be humble in attitudes and actions

Leadership: GEM leaders intentionally lead, develop, and care for their teammates

Community: GEM is a community committed to collaborating with one another, other organizations, and with local believers and churches for the kingdom

Stewardship: GEM honors God’s generosity in the people and resources He provides.