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Equipping the Body of christ for Greater Freedom and Fruitfulness


The Freedom in Christ Course is a three-part series consisting of two 12-week discipleship classes and a Freedom Weekend on the North Shore of Oahu. The Freedom In Christ Course is a discipleship class that provides practical tools that help establish believers alive and free in Christ. The courses cover two best-selling books written by Neil T. Anderson — Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker and conclude with a Freedom Weekend hosted on the North Shore.
The Freedom in Christ Course is an intensive study that helps Christians walk in greater levels of freedom by addressing root-level issues that can hinder their intimacy with God and others. This course teaches you about your true identity in Christ as a holy, beloved, adopted Child of God. You will learn about the greatest weapon the enemy of our sanctification uses to hinder the body of Christ, and you will have the time to take a personal inventory, identifying anything that may be hindering your intimacy with Christ


Victory Over Darkness

This class is a topical study on your identity in Christ. The inductive study details:

  • Who you are in Christ
  • Walking by faith in the power of the Holy Spirit
  • How to be transformed by the renewing of your mind
  • Healing emotional wounds

The 12-week spring class begins on February 4th and ends on April 28th (With a week off for Easter on March 31).

The Bondage Breaker

This class clarifies the reality of Spiritual Warfare in the life of a believer. This study describes:

  • Ways Christians are vulnerable
  • Temptation, Accusation, and Deception
  • How you can live a liberated life in Christ

The 12-week fall class begins on July 28th and ends on October 20th (With a week off on September 8).

Freedom Weekend / Steps to Freedom

The class graduates during the Freedom Weekend, where participants go through The Steps to Freedom in Christ, a discipleship curriculum designed to help Christians resolve their personal and spiritual conflicts through genuine repentance and faith in God. The Freedom Weekend will be on November 8th – 10th. 

The Freedom in Christ Course is for Christians seeking to walk in new levels of freedom and maturity. Classes are hosted in a group environment, including a table leader and facilitator. The studies include a weekly teaching, book review, study guide, and small group discussion. The classes are open to men and women of all ages dedicated to growing closer to Christ.


Classes are hosted at the Kaka’ako Campus, in the upstairs classroom, on Sunday mornings from 10:30 a.m. — 12 p.m.

Class registration is $50 and covers all class materials and books.

Deadline for registration is Sunday, January 28, 2024.


Victory Over Darkness: February 4th – April 28th (With a week off for Easter on March 31).

The Bondage Breaker: July 28th – October 20th (With a week off on September 8).

Freedom Weekend: November 8th – 10th



Anderson is a former pastor and chairman of the Practical Theology Department at the Talbot School of Theology. Anderson is the founder and president emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries and the author of over seventy books on Christ-centered living. The Freedom in Christ Course will cover Dr. Anderson’s first two best-selling books, Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker.

Who is Neil T. Anderson?

Unfortunately, not. Knowing your identity in Christ through Victory Over the Darkness, the first book in the series, is a critical foundation for the second book, The Bondage Breaker, which addresses the reality of Spiral Warfare in the life of a Christian. All class participants are expected and encouraged to attend all three parts of the course.

Can I take just one class?

In 2023, One Love piloted both book studies and the Freedom Weekend. The classes consisted of approximately 25 class participants, including two staff members and three Elders of One Love Ministries. The pilot Freedom Weekend included eight participants, including three married couples and one elder. Class participants oversaw the teachings and were encouraged to provide recommendations at the conclusion of each phase to improve the 2024 course.

Is this class new to One Love?

In 2022, One Love Ministries sponsored Matt Coffman to become a certified Freedom in Christ Ministry Associate. Matt finished his training in 2022 and facilitated the first pilot group of invite-only class participants with his wife and three table leaders.

Who is facilitating this course?

The Freedom Weekend provides our class participants the opportunity to take a personal inventory of their lives and work through the Steps to Freedom in Christ, a discipleship tool that helps Christians resolve their personal and spiritual conflicts through genuine repentance and faith in God.

What is the Freedom Weekend?

Yes! We encourage husbands and wives to participate. In fact, we have received numerous positive testimonies from husbands and wives who have worked through these materials together.

Can Husbands and Wives participate?

Matt Coffman at

Who can I contact for more information?