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Danny Pederson

Youth Director

Danny was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in a small town called Gladstone. Being surrounded by forests and the Great Lakes, Danny spent the majority of his childhood outdoors: enjoying bike rides all over his hometown, playing sports with his friends, and spending many nights camping with his family.

Danny knew Jesus from a young age and he is incredibly grateful to the Lord for his parents who were able to share their faith with him. Throughout grade school his faith was tested over and over again. Danny struggled with this as he often rode on his parents faith rather than making it his own. Thankfully, the Lord led him to Bible College after grade school. This is where Danny really grew in the Lord and started following Christ wholeheartedly. Oh yeah and this is where Danny met his future wife Kaylee.

Danny moved to Hawaii in May of 2021 and began attending One Love Ministries. He got plugged into various ministries and grew even closer to the Lord. Danny and Kaylee got married in 2022 and had their first son in 2023. 

Danny’s desire for the youth is that they would be equipped to stand strong in their faith and that they would be the light of Jesus to their friends and family.