Perfect Worship – Samy Tanagho (One Love Ministries)

How does a relationship of slavery differ from a relationship of fatherly love?

God’s Calling – Zachary Stankovits (One Love Ministries)

Are we held accountable for callings in our life that we did not heed?

Drafting God – Zachary Stankovits (One Love Ministries)

Much like a car can cruise behind a large semi and "draft" in the absence of wind, so we too can draft behind God. Following him closely. When rough weather hits, we will still feel the impacts, [...]

Extremes of Isaiah 53 – David Blevins (One Love Ministries)

Last week we uncovered the realities of hell, but this week we dive into the extremes Jesus went through to keep us from such a place.

Realities of Hell – David Blevins (One Love Ministries)

Hell is a real place, taught about in Luke 16 with the Rich Man and Lazarus.

Redefining Success – Duke Hokama (One Love Ministries)

The world defines success in a variety of ways, but how does God gauge our success?

Foundations for Faith – Danny Lehmann (One Love Ministries)

What does living a life full of faith look like?

The Greatest Commandment Part 4 – Maiola Vivas (One Love Ministries)

The past 3 weeks we've been shown the Greatest Commandment, now how do we walk in that?

The Greatest Commandment Part 3 – Maiola Vivas (One Love Ministries)

Now that we have learned what it looks like for God to love us and for us to love him, what does it mean to love our neighbor?

The Greatest Commandment Part 2 – Maiola Vivas (One Love Ministries)

hat does loving God look like? God lays out what loving Him entails in Deuteronomy 6 in the Shemah