Acts 25:13-26:32 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

Paul is brought before King Agrippa and takes the time to share the gospel. When we are sharing the gospel, we should follow in Paul's example: Find the Common Ground, don’t try and rush, begin [...]

Acts 25:1-12 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

Knowing the history of corrupt and unjust trials, Paul appeals to Caesar to hear his case. There is a plan. Despite our circumstances, God sees the whole picture.

Acts 24 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

Paul is brought before Felix because of false accusations against him. But the only thing he claims to be guilty of is being a follower of The Way. We should be guilty of the following things: [...]

Acts 23:12-35 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

A plot to take Paul's life is put into action, but overheard by Paul's nephew. Paul is then given 470 soldiers to escort him to Herod's beach house, where he spends the next two years getting [...]

Acts 23:6-11 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

Paul is standing before the council of Pharisees and Sadducees and brings up the topic of the resurrection, thus starting riot #3. The Lord stands by Paul and tells him to take courage. God has a [...]

Looking Up – Zac Stankovits (One Love Ministries)

When you look down, you see darkness. When you look around, you see death. But when you look up, you see the greatness of God.

In Between The Rock and a Hard Place – Zac Stankovits (One Love Ministries)

Captain Zac brings us through Jeremiah and 2 Kings to see that there are consequences to rejecting God, hardening of hearts, fearing man [instead of God] and prideful rejection of repentance. Yet [...]

Perfect Worship – Samy Tanagho (One Love Ministries)

How does a relationship of slavery differ from a relationship of fatherly love?

God’s Calling – Zachary Stankovits (One Love Ministries)

Are we held accountable for callings in our life that we did not heed?

Drafting God – Zachary Stankovits (One Love Ministries)

Much like a car can cruise behind a large semi and "draft" in the absence of wind, so we too can draft behind God. Following him closely. When rough weather hits, we will still feel the impacts, [...]