The Greatest Commandment – Maiola Vivas (One Love Ministries)

Before we can look at what it means to love the Lord and others, we must first dive into what it looks like to be loved by God. His full display of love and wrath can clearly be seen in one [...]

Acts 23:1-5 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

Paul speaks out against the high priest after being unlawfully hit. We are reminded of a very similar scenario Jesus found himself in. Let us be like Jesus: clear, firm, and loving. Let God - God.

Acts 22:23-30 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

Paul informs his captors that he is of Roman blood. We are reminded that God uses all things for his purpose and making His name known.

Father’s Day 2018 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

Being disciplined by God does not mean that He doesn't love us. God shows his love for us in His discipline.

Acts 22:1-22 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

Paul speaks in his defense. Are we prepared for when we are asked to speak? The best tool in sharing your faith is YOUR story.

Acts 21:31-40 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

A mob seeks to take Paul's life and the believers in Jerusalem are silent. Paul is taken into custody and the question is raised: where is the church?

Acts 21:15-30 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

Paul arrives in Jerusalem, but quickly learns that his name is being slandered by the believers. In an attempt to appeal to those slandering his name, he goes to the temple and cleanses himself.

Acts 21:1-14 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

Paul leaves for Jerusalem despite other believers counseling him not to go, for Jerusalem would certainly bring about death. Even through disagreement, the believers see Paul off at the dock as [...]

Mother’s Day 2018 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

What are the 5 love languages and how does God communicate?

Acts 20:32-38 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

The word of God's grace is able to build you up, give you an inheritance, and sanctify you.