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The Sensitive and Intense Kids Course is a 7-week series to equip parents to handle difficult behavior in their children. Each class is approximately 2 hours long and welcomes co-ed couples, single parents, and grandparents. The course is taught by Lynn Jackson and Lydia Rex from Connection Families Ministries, creators of the popular video series and book Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart. The class is facilitated by Jennifer Bryant, educator and parent coach with Practical Family.

Sensitive and Intense Kids


Parenting is hard. Parenting a child who is ‘sensitive’ or ‘intense’ is even harder! You don’t have to go through this alone.

Have you ever asked yourself…

  • Why does my child have such big outbursts?
  • Why does life seem harder for this child?
  • Why is my child so sensitive?
  • Why do I end up in so many power struggles with this child?

If you have, you are in the right place.

We’ve worked with countless parents who have said (or thought) statements about their sensitive kids, such as…

  • “I am at my wits’ end! I don’t understand why my child is acting this way!”
  • “Daily life feels chaotic and unpredictable.”
  • “I know that how I react isn’t helping! But I don’t know what to do.”
  • “This child is disrupting the whole family.
  • “I have such negative feelings towards this child, and I feel awful about that.”
  • “If we don’t get this figured out now, I am worried about my child’s future.”

Sometimes, parenting one particular child presents extra challenges. As our most comprehensive course ever, this 7-session course will give you compelling information that will transform how you see your sensitive and intense kids. You will feel equipped to care for your child by approaching their challenges through the lens of their nervous system and not just from a behavioral standpoint.

When you meet the sensory needs of your child, it enables you to focus on forming deep bonds of connection instead of just constantly managing conflict. Parenting a sensitive and intense child is actually an amazing gift when we see their potential and build their identity around God’s grace and truth in their lives.

Class Details

Kaka’ako Campus

  • February 18th – March 31st, 2024
  • Sundays 10:30 am
  • Conference Area

Windward Campus

  • February 21 – April 3, 2024
  • Wednesdays 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Fellowship Hall

Deadline for Registration is Sunday February 11th

Register Using This Link

Course Q & A

Lynne Jackson is an Occupational Therapist, a co-founder of Connected Families, and the course creator. She has poured a lifetime of personal and professional experience into developing the content in this course.

  • As a pediatric occupational therapist, she has had first-hand experience with the challenges these kids face in daily life.
  • As a parent coach, she has walked alongside hundreds of parents to encourage and bring hope.
  • As a mom of three intense kids, she has lived it.
  • As a research enthusiast, she leans into brain science and research.
  • And, most importantly, as a follower of Christ, she brings biblical wisdom, abundant grace, and a “no shame” policy.
Who is Lynne Jackson?

Lydia Rex, a Registered Nurse, Parent Coach, & TBRI Practitioner, joined Lynne in creating this course. She brings compassion and trauma-sensitive insights from her personal and professional experience with foster care and adoption. Most importantly, she’s the mom of two young kids—and is herself on the same journey of hope and healing to which we are inviting you!

Who Is Lydia Rex?

Jennifer Bryant will facilitate discussion time for this course. Jenn has served at One Love Ministries for over 16 years and specializes in education and parent support. Jenn has trained and worked in the California and Hawaii public schools, private Christian education, early childhood education, and is currently a homeschooling mom of teenagers. Jenn founded in 2016 and is passionate about helping parents work through the struggles of parenting and grow in love and understanding for their kids and themselves. She and her husband Bruce are local Honolulu business owners and parents of two teens and one fur-baby.

Who is facilitating this course?

Unfortunately, not. This course is a seven-part series that builds on each lesson to culminate in a full understanding of child development. We highly encourage both parents to attend this class together as concepts connect to everyday decisions adults make in the home. Material is suited to single parents and grandparents alike.

Can I take just one class?

In 2022, we began hosting Connected Families classes at One Love and the first course was Discipline that Connects with Your Childs Heart. Over 53 families have participated and parents are asking for more chances to learn together and meet other families through this connective experience. This is the first time Sensitive and Intense Kids has been offered, and we hope to offer more variations of parent education and support through One Love.

Is this class new to One Love?

Yes! Jenn is happy to provide a certificate of ongoing education in the area of child development and behavior for you for a total of 14 hours. Many adults need proof of continued learning or ongoing training if they serve as foster parents, custody requirements, early childhood worker, or other teacher education. In order to receive the certificate, you must attend all seven weeks of class.

Is there an opportunity for CEU credit or certification?

Sure! We’ve had non-parent friends join us before. However, preference will be given to current parents as seats are limited. One option available to you is to help Jenn set up and break down the class materials each week as a service volunteer, which will guarantee you a seat in class.

I’m not a parent, but I work with kids and want to learn more. Can I attend?

Jennifer Bryant –

Who can I contact for more information?