Pam was born and raised on the Big Island and grew up as a Pastor’s kid.  Growing up in ministry life has equipped her with a realistic perspective of the demands of ministry.  That perspective, along with her gift of Helps, has enabled her to work alongside others in ministry as an administrative assistant. As a pastor’s kid, Pam has spent many hours sleeping on, learning on, and playing under church pews. This experience gives her a unique sensitivity to families in ministry.

Pam is a wife, mother and grandmother.  She enjoys experiencing life with her family and friends.  Memories, for her, are formed during the most exciting adventures as well as the simplest gatherings around the kitchen table while sharing a meal and talking about the day.

Pam enjoys crafts…the idea of creating something special out of everyday items and walking out her faith in God with her family and those God has placed in front of her.