Protect Your Ohana

Protect Your Ohana From Porn Sites Targeting Your Youth

Twenty-two percent of all teens looking at porn began at age 11. Sixty-two percent of all teens who have looked at porn were “unintentional.” This is an alarming number because this means corporate porn companies are predatorial on looking for young porn consumers. We would like to give you some practical knowledge and tools that you can implement to make sure you are protected. We also want to empower you with the word of God, which is the ultimate weapon to defeat this evil.

Please join us Wednesday, September 15th at 6:30 p.m. at the Windward Campus for a sobering but yet empowering teaching, as we walk you through how to protect your family from companies that are trying to prey on your children. There will be time for Q and A.

Childcare will be provided. Registration is encouraged.

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