Mike Thomforde, born in Grand Rapids Michigan, and later moved to New Jersey, where we grew up until his junior year in high school. From there, his parents retired and moved the family to Goodhue, Minnesota. That’s where the adventure began, having recently dedicated his life to Christ at 17 years old. Not long after, while Mike was working as an electrician, carpenter, welder, and overseeing the Children’s and Youth ministries at his parent’s Church the Lord began stirring his heart for missions and serving others. The Lord soon opened doors for him in Orlando, Florida and later Southern California to serve as an Associate Pastor, and Director of Missions. Over the years, Mike has traveled on missions to seventy countries to pastor and minister to those in need. Mike loves to use his skills, and gifts to serve and see God’s love in action.

Most recently, Mike has been led to One Love Ministries to serve. He enjoys hiking, swimming and enjoying the wonderful Aloha here in the islands. “Serving with Pastor Waxer is a blessing to observe, and work along side someone that cares and lives with unconditional love, and a church body so filled with those who hunger to be like Jesus. I’m taking pidgin lessons, and wearing aloha shirts now, so I’m on my way to being Local”.