I’m born and raised in Kaimuki. I lived in Washington state for 11 years and moved back to Oahu in 2005. I am a Nutritionist by degree and everything else by trade. I grew up in a Christian household, a Reverend/Missionary third generation Chinese-American father and a first generation Taiwanese mother. Outside of work, I’m pretty much a homebody: I like to watch TV shows like How’s it Made, Food Factory, Castle, NCIS, and Friends. My hobbies include food, food, and more food! I enjoy going out to eat (A LOT) and trying new food recipes. I also enjoy traveling to new places and spending quality time with people that I love. Favorite bible verse Romans 8:28.

I am responsible for all payroll and data entry related issues, oversight of front office administrator, assisting Executive Director in responsibilities such as, but not limited to, facility maintenance requests, purchasing needs, record keeping, answering phone calls relating to finances, reimbursement issuance, and receipt submissions, and communication with building manager.