Worship as a Clue to the Meaning of Life

This weekend we were blessed to hear Ravi Zacharias talk about authentic worship. We cannot worship our King without gratitude, reverence, sacrifice, and without purity of motive.


Pastor Duke brings us through the Book of Esther to remind us that even when it appears that the Lord is not mentioned, He has yet to be absent in the lives of those who love Him. The Book of [...]

Acts 25:13-26:32

Acts 25:1-12

Acts 24

Acts 23:12-35

Acts 23:6-11

Looking Up

When you look down, you see darkness. When you look around, you see death. But when you look up, you see the greatness of God.

In Between The Rock And A Hard Place

Captain Zac brings us through Jeremiah and 2 Kings to see that there are consequences to rejecting God, hardening of hearts, fearing man [instead of God] and prideful rejection of repentance. Yet [...]

Perfect Worship

How do you turn a relationship of slavery into a relationship of love?