In Between The Rock And A Hard Place

Captain Zac brings us through Jeremiah and 2 Kings to see that there are consequences to rejecting God, hardening of hearts, fearing man [instead of God] and prideful rejection of repentance. Yet [...]

Perfect Worship

How do you turn a relationship of slavery into a relationship of love?

God’s Calling

Are we held accountable for callings in our life that we did not heed?

Drafting God

Much like a car can cruise behind a large semi and “draft” in the absence of wind, so we too can draft behind God. Following him closely. When rough weather hits, we will still feel [...]

Extremes of Isaiah 53

Realities of Hell

Hell is a real place, taught about in Luke 16 with the Rich Man and Lazarus. 

Redefining Success

The world defines success in a variety of ways, but how does God gauge our success?

Foundations for Faith

What does living a life full of faith look like?

The Greatest Commandment Part 4

The past 3 weeks we’ve been shown the Greatest Commandment, now how do we walk in that?

The Greatest Commandment Part 3

Now that we have learned what it looks like for God to love us and for us to love him, what does it mean to love our neighbor?