Christmas Day 2016 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

Christmas is a time to celebrate when Love came down – when Jesus came to Rescue, Recover, and Reconnect us by giving us the gift of Himself. He wants us to rest in His work… “God rest ye merry [...]

X-mas Eve 2016 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

As we give Jesus our trust, make Him first in our life, give what we value to His work, and bring other people to Him, we are giving Him gifts even more valuable than those the wise men brought.

Family Ties – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

There are two trees associated with Christmas – the Christmas tree and the family tree. Jesus chose to come through a messed up broken family so He can identify with us, and so we can identify [...]

Where’d That Come From – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

The Truth about Christmas... A Biblical basis for modern-day Christmas traditions like the Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, and more!

Acts 11:25-30 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

After Barnabas found Saul, they went and taught in Antioch. It was there that the disciples were first called “Christians” (little copies of Christ). It was also from Antioch that the Gentile [...]

Acts 11:1-24 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

The Holy Spirit repeats the message God gave Peter in chapter 10 – “What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy.” But unfortunately, as we see then and now, tradition is sometimes the [...]

Acts 10:17-48 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

The Lord confirms to Peter that the gospel is for everyone, not just Jews. In obedience, he goes to Cornelius, preaches the good news of Jesus Christ, and witnesses the Holy Spirit fall upon the [...]

Acts 10:1-16 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

After finding sickness in Lydda, Peter found sadness in Joppa. Healing both just as Jesus did.

Acts 9:32-43 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

You are a Christian before a man, woman, race, etc. Saul wanted to preach to and reach the Jews, God wanted him to learn to love the Gentiles. “It is better to have God molding you than you molding.”

Acts 9:23-31 – Waxer Tipton (One Love Ministries)

Although Saul’s heart and mind was to reach his Jewish brothers in Jerusalem, God called him to preach the Good News to the Gentiles. The churches were actually edified and multiplied when he [...]

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